Here is what Todd's students are saying...

I studied with Todd for over 3 years. I learned a lot and enjoyed every lesson.

Damon Fowler - Blind Pig Recording Artist

My son is 10 years old and has been taking guitar lessons from Todd Grubbs for almost 4 years. Todd is an excellent teacher, he meets my son right on his maturity level. He leads by example and has always taken into consideration the fact that we are Christians when choosing the type of music to teach my son. My son enjoys working with Todd because he is “awesome”. He is always very patient and works to my sons strengths when encouraging him. I would recommend him to anyone. Todd is flexible in his schedule with us. Any time that we have had to miss a lesson he has always worked with us to make it up.

Tonya Beddow - Home Schooling Mom

I first began lessons with Todd at age 39. Having failed utterly to develop musical skills as a child and young adult (twice I had taken a month's worth of lessons at local music stores), I was skeptical about my ability and doubtful that someone my age could develop his playing beyond the few "cowboy chords" and simple melodies I had been taught. Todd's philosophy was very different: he encouraged me to believe that I would develop as a player in direct proportion to the time and effort I devoted to study.

Todd's instruction helped me, a busy college professor and father of two young children, focus my limited practice time in efficient ways that have yielded very good
results. I like Todd's methodology very much because, in addition to teaching the usual scales, chords, and rhythm patterns, one learns the techniques and theory essential to mastering musical styles. Better still, the only "textbook" is the repertoire of songs the student wishes to learn. Moreover, Todd's goal appears to be autonomy--teaching the student to think and play for him or herself.

After three years of lessons with Todd, I can improvise lead solos in any key and play rhythm parts in a variety of styles (folk-rock, blues, blues-rock, heavy metal, and alternative). Todd himself is adept at so many styles and
techniques that he can accommodate the playing needs of virtually any student. While I know he works extremely well with young learners (he taught my daughter for a year), I think his instruction of adults deserves special recognition: he certainly taught this old dog some new licks.

Steve Lambert - Professor, HCC

I had played guitar for 15 years and was starting to get into home recording. I had felt like I had hit a brick wall with my soloing on my original music - everything was starting to sound the same and I had to humble myself and decided to take lessons.. that's when I found Todd teaching at Thorobred music on Hillsborough Ave in Tampa - that was almost 16 years ago! Todd ended up opening up a whole new world for me on the guitar - he really got me fired up and I had a whole new perspective towards the guitar after that point. A couple years later I began teaching guitar myself, thanks to the support Todd kept on giving me on the guitar. I still take lessons on occasion from this old friend - as far as I'm concerned, Todd will always be my mentor on the guitar - his knowledge of this wonderful instrument is unparalleled in the Tampa Bay area.

Virgil Mandanici

No instructor I've ever used has had the knowledge of the guitar like Todd Grubbs. Couple that with his easy teaching style ---my guitar playing has exceeded my goal and moved it beyond where I ever expected it to go.

Mike Robertson


After seeing the Beatles live on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967, I knew I wanted to learn how to play music. Little did I know it would be forty years later. When I mentioned to my wife of 32 years that I still had this urge to play music, she asked me what I was waiting for.
I contacted Todd in September of 2007. I told Todd I was old enough to be his father and he never blinked. I took my first 30 minute lesson in October and after six months I changed to an hour lesson each week.
In 15 months I have gone from not being able to read music to actually being able to tell what key certain songs are in. His patience and eye for detail are at the top. At the end of each lesson we set goals for the next week.
Todd never cuts corners and is always honest with me. Several times I have had questions once I got home and a call to Todd and the issue was resolved. I look forward to a long relationship with Todd and tell everyone I know what a great teacher he is and even a better human being. I would recommend Todd Grubbs to anyone who is serious about learning the guitar.

C. H. Christian, retired VP Frito Lay

"I have played off and on for fifteen years. I have had several instructors over the years. However, none came close to Todd's level of instruction and musical expertise. I've learned more and made greater improvements as a guitarist in the past year with Todd than the previous fourteen years combined."

"Todd's a professional in the truest sense. Not only does he articulate the nuances of the guitar better than anyone I've worked with, he also has all of the credentials to back up his teaching. Don't forget Todd is Berklee educated, a seasoned recording artist, and a successful producer. I had heard he was the best in town one too many times and had to check it out. The rest of Tampa was correct."

R. D. Crump




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